Your Asian Wedding on a Budget


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How to have a lavish Asian wedding, all on a budget!

If there is one word to describe Asian weddings it would have to be lavish. The beautiful colours, fabrics, food and dancing. Coming together to create a beautiful celebration of the happy couple.

The only downside of all of these luxurious touches is that they can come at a price. Not a problem for some, but for others, a dream that may not be achievable.

Here at Loonat Catering we are experts in Indian Catering. We have worked with a variety of couples over the years. Both those that have a large budget to work with, and those that have a smaller amount set aside. We believe that no matter the budget that you have, you can have the perfect wedding for you.

All you need to do is be careful about what you spend out on. To help you to have a lavish Asian wedding, without the price tag. We have put together our tops tips in keeping your Asian wedding on a budget.

Finding the perfect dress at the perfect price

Asian Wedding Dresses can be expensive. Instead of visiting a store which may have a higher price tag, why not see if you have a relative or friend who can make the dress for you instead? Not only can you save yourself some money, but you will have a wonderful personal touch to your wedding outfit. Making it all the more special.

How not to spend out on a wedding venue

Asian wedding venues can take up another huge chunk of your wedding budget. But this is another area that you can save on. Why not set your date out of the standard wedding season? This is when many venues will reduce their prices, or set out special offers that could save you a huge amount of money.

Take the DIY approach

One of the easiest ways to save money on your big day is to try and do things yourself. The amount that you can do will really depend on time and of course how creative you are. But you may just surprise yourself but what you can achieve. Centrepieces, menus, invites, decorations. All of these things can be made by you (not to mention your wedding party) and will save you money as well as give that personal touch that so many people love.

Try not to invite the world

There is a huge amount of pressure put on couples now to have large and grand wedding days. However, if you are setting yourself a strict budget, you may not be able to invite everyone that you have ever met.

Instead, why not focus on the important people in your life and have a smaller guest list. This will save you money on food, not to mention allow you to perhaps opt for a smaller, more intimate venue.

There are plenty of other ways that can help you save money on your lavish Asian wedding, however the key to saving money on your Asian wedding is that whatever budget you set wheter in total or for certain aspects, it is key that stick to it. Otherwise it is a slippery slope to exceeding your budget.

If you want to see how we at Loonat Catering can help, then get in touch. We have a range of budget-friendly plans that can allow you to not only have delicious traditional food at your wedding, but not blow the budget too!

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