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Have something different for your Asian wedding

Your wedding day. The one day of your lifetime when it is always completely about you! However, if you are planning an Asian wedding then you may find that it can be hard to embrace tradition whilst still keeping exactly what you want.

Bringing two worlds together

For many young couples getting married, one of the biggest consideration is how to blend a traditional Asian wedding with something that is entirely more western. Luckily there are a variety of ways that you can do this with ease.

The wedding dress

An Indian wedding is often one that is packed full of colour. Whilst the western approach is of the large white dress and veil to match. A great way to blend the two worlds is with what the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party decide to wear.

We have seen weddings whereby the bride opts for a traditional Asian wedding dress, whilst the groom is in western style suit. We have also seen weddings where the bride opts for a western white dress, yet the rest of the bridesmaids have something far more traditional.

It really is down to you and how you feel that it reflects your own personal style and tastes.

The food

A great way to blend Asian and western culture is with the food that you serve. This is where we at Loonat Catering Services can help. Why not take a different approach to the traditional afternoon tea and lay on sandwiches that are spiced with beautiful pickles and chutneys? You could even go one step further and have an assortment of western teas and also Asian classics such as masala tea.

The guests

There is a good chance that your guests will be coming from a variety of cultures. So why not encourage them to wear whatever they feel most comfortable in? For some, this could be the traditional, bright hues of Asian weddings, whilst others may want to opt for dresses and beautiful hats.

Not only does this allow your wedding to be packed full of colour, character and elegance. But when the time comes to bring all the guests together for a wedding shot, you will have the ideal assortment of different styles.

2017 is sure to be a year packed full of Asian and Western fusion weddings, and we are excited to see how this trend grows over the next few months. Watch this space and we will share with you some of the trends that we love the most.

Here at Loonat Catering Services we have years of experience working with a variety of different couples on their big day. We are proud to not only offer traditional Asian catering, but also something unique and bespoke to you.

All you need to do is get in touch and we can discuss how to make your big day one to remember.

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